WP 1.7 – Synthesis and production of tumor-targeted Radionuclides, Radiotracers and Radiopharmaceuticals for experimental studies

Partners involved: CNR-IFC, CNR-IN, UNIFI

Coordinators: Luca MENICHETTI (CNR-IFC), Fabrizio CARTA (UNIFI)

Outline: The global aim of this sub-project is the development and production of new agents for nuclear molecular imaging studies and drug development of new theranostics. The specific objectives of the radiochemical research concerns: i) the synthesis of radiotracers with high specific activity for developing new imaging biomarkers; ii) implementation of new methods for the synthesis of peptides with direct 18F-labeling approaches; iii) production of PET radiotracers for preclinical and translational studies of FLASH radiotherapy; iv) the validation of proof-of-concept studies of new therapeutic/theranostic approaches; v) enhancing the validation with GLP approach applied to the development of new chemical entities and preclinical imaging.

Various technology transfer initiatives in the field of nuclear imaging equipment are already at an advanced stage of development in the Pisa node of Eurobioimaging. In particular, the IFC preclinical microPET/CT Laboratory is a beta-test site of Inviscan SaS (Strasbourg, France), a rapidly growing company in the field of in vivo and ex vivo preclinical imaging instruments. The availability of new tracers will favour the link with this and other industrial realities in the sector, also ensuring the presence in the laboratory of innovative and new generation nuclear imaging instruments.