WP 1.4 – FLASH Radiotherapy: preclinical

Partners involved: CNR-IFC, CNR-IN,CNR-INO, UNIPI

Coordinators: Margherita MAFFEI (CNR-IFC), UNIPI

Outline: To warrant an actual clinical translation of the results obtained in sub-project 3 profiling long term effects of FLASH radiotherapy in preclinical models is a mandatory requirement. Overall goal of the present sub-project is to evaluate how FLASH radiotherapy impacts on the cure, i.e., tumor growth of melanoma and glioblastoma and on potential damaging effects on brain function, cardiovascular system, and metabolism in comparison with conventional radiotherapy. The data obtained here aimed at understanding the spatial dynamics of the flash effect (volume effect, adjacent fields) will pave the way for the optimization of the VHEE. Collaborations and synergies can be established with Eurobioimaging infrastructure (sites at UNIPI and at IFC-CNR), high priority research infrastructure according to PNIR, whose MultiModal Molecular Imaging (MMMI) Italian branch, focused on biomedical imaging, and offering expertise and technical skills for the acquisition and analysis of in vivo images obtained by the most relevant state-of-the-art imaging technologies (https://www.eurobioimaging.eu/nodes/molecular-imaging-italian-node).