WP 1.3 – Radiobiological effects of ionizing radiation: in vitro (cell culture) and in vivo

Partners involved: CNR-IFC, CNR-IN, CNR-INO,UNIPI

Coordinators: Mario COSTA (CNR-IN), Claudia KUSMIC (CNR-IFC)

Outline: Overall goal of the present sub-project is to evaluate FLASH radiobiological effects in vivo in acute conditions in normal and tumor tissues using two innovative devices: a) electron accelerator specially made for in vivo research on flash radiotherapy, with a triode-cannon, and a complete control and manipulation of the beam (device parameters: dose-per-pulse up to 40 Gy, dose-rate up to 10000 Gy/s and instantaneous dose-per-pulse 10^7Gy/s continuously). b) The experimental Laser-Linac source delivers ultrashort, VHEE pencil-beam like electrons (100-250 MeV) with ultra-high dose-rate, exceeding 1E10 Gy/s (for devices detail see WP1). To optimize the clinical translation of the FLASH effect, in vivo studies are required as use of various cell lines led to inconsistent results in reproducing the effect.