• Electronics

The electronics services unit is located in a laboratory for mounting electronic circuit boards and electronic instruments. The participation to the research activity consists in the design and realization of electronic circuits, and design of electronic digital boards, carried out by means of software.

Personnel:  Barbini Alessandro
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  • Mechanical workshop

At the INO Pisa unit there is a Workshop Service inherited from  the old IFAM institute. Now there are three large rooms, one of which is used for the welding and one mainly as a warehouse.

Personnel:  Pardini Federico, Voliani Mauro,
Info and contact: mauro.voliani@ino.cnr.it; federico.pardini@ino.cnr.it

  • Prevention and Protection services (SPP)

The SPP unit coordinates all activities related to prevention of accidents and safety in workplace .
The Prevention and Safety Unit is a high level technical structure of CNR The  INO Pisa unit collaborates with the Pisa SPP unit on  all the activities related to prevention and safety.

Personnel: Spanedda Andrea
Info and links: see employees page (Staff)

The Scientific Documentation of Services (SDS) of INO Pisa Unit aims to the organization of the library, its digitalization and networking, and to the updating and sharing of information and documentary resources. The SDS Pisa Unit collaborates with the Arcetri unit where the Institute Library is located.
The bibliographic material is located in the Hall 33, Building “A”, ground floor of the CNR Research Campus (Area  della Ricerca) of Pisa.  The access is reserved to internal staff of the Institute.

Info and contact:
Tel.: (39) 050 315.2557 /.2065
Fax.: (39) 050 3152522 / 050 315.2247
E-mail: sds.pi@ino.it