Symposium 2020

INO Annual Symposium 2020: Quantum for Renaissance

23 -25 November   VIRTUAL CONFERENCE


MON. 23

Morning:  Quantum Optics, Information and Metrology

Afternoon:  Cold Matter and Quantum Simulation
18:05 – C. Gabbanini
Exploring the properties of a dipolar supersolid

TUE. 24

Extreme light and matter – chair: L. Gizzi
10:35 – G. Cristoforetti
Recent Advances and Perspectives of Shock Ignition approach to Laser Fusion

Sensors, Spectroscopy and Communications

WED. 25

Heritage Science, Vision Science, Solar Energy and Optical Design
16:45 – Off-topic: O. Morsch, A. Farini, A. Rocco Science Outreach
17:20 – F. Brandi
Widefield imaging by second-harmonic interferometry